March 29 to April 2
– Easter weekend 2024 –

In the Dutch province of Limburg, we created an extraordinary Zouk fairytale on old Roman era crossroads and at the premises of a medieval castle. In this place a joyous group of people comes together to enjoy a great Zouk marathon and retreat. Moreover we aim to offer the opportunity to discover some Miracles of Zouk, for example: greater connections, beautiful experiences, deeper knowledge and powerful expressions.. Make sure to subscribe to the Zoukdreams newsletter to not miss out on news and special offers!


In dancing & great atmosphere …

The castle will be made into a celebration of Brazilian Zouk with amazing spaces to dance. Choose what you want to do during the day. We will have a main space for night parties and smaller room for cosy socials, all together offering you a whole marathon.


Learn the extraordinary …

You can discover and experience from a variety of teachers and subjects. We selected some of the most special artists in the global Brazilian Zouk scene for you. The main workshops will be in sequence which enables you to attend all of it.


In the castle, nature, vicinities …

Plenty of space to do whatever you feel to. All sleeping rooms, dancing halls and dinner spaces are in the same building, in the middle of nature. When wheather allows, relaxe at the river side or the small lake.

Welcome to the Zoukdreams Castle of Miracles!

After the fantastic first edition in April 2023, which was sold-out *, we are looking forward to repeat this in 2024! Of course we already have a long list of things which we want to do even better and we are already working on all kind of surprises. At least it will be at the same stunning location, where we will welcome a mixture of incredible artists again and have the capacity to receive about the same amount of soulful people!

* Our full-pass and most accommodation options were sold out


These are some of the Castle of Miracles teachers! We are very honoured to have managed to bring them together!

Anderson & Brenda


Anderson & Brenda

Bruno & Raiza


Anderson & Brenda

Evelyn & Derrick


Anderson & Brenda



Anderson & Brenda

Festival + Retreat

We will start on Friday March 29 with the big event: Castle of Miracles! On Tuesday April 2 you can directly join the afterprogram at The Monastery (about 30 minutes drive, transfer possible). There we will stay for a dedicated weekender with Anderson & Brenda!

Zouk, eat & sleep under the same roof

At both events you can dance, eat & sleep under the same roof! For such a big festival this is only possible to the very unique venue we hire to make this happen. Accommodation for the Castle is available on this website, for The Monastery we send a registration link after buying a ticket.


We have collected some of the finest and best DJ’s in Brazilian Zouk!

DJ line-up

Located near Venlo, The Netherlands

The Zoukdreams Castle of Miracles is very central in Western Europe. Nearby airports are Dusseldorf, Eindhoven (<1 hour) and Amsterdam (2 hours). Driving distances, to Dusseldorf 40 min, Cologne 1 hour, Antwerps 1 hour 30 min, Amsterdam 1 hour 45 min.

Many nearby possibilities

The town of Venlo is nearby and the train station just 6 kilometers. Although you can enjoy the full weekend at the accommodation and the relaxed surroundings, anything you would need from a city with plenty of amenities is close by.

Some impressions:

Watch the video of the first Zoukdreams Castle of Miracles in 2023 to get an excellent impression of our event. It summarizes the venue, the workshops, the parties and much more extra…

To see pictures of the spaces go to our page about the accommodation / venue (link below).

Why and what, the Castle of Miracles:

Our venue is in The Netherlands, close to Germany, very central in Western-Europe. The roots of the castle go back to 13th century and the current building is from 1830. It is surrounded by nature and the river Maas. In between workshops you can take a breath of fresh air and walk through the gardens and forest on the property.

For Zoukdreams we only use a modern building next to the old castle. But this is in fact the real Castle of Miracles: it is a new fantasy castle created from re-used materials from local buildings, including some old fortifications of the town of Venlo. The modern building has bigger rooms to dance and up to date, comfortable sleeping rooms.

About Zoukdreams:

Johannes (aka DJ Zoukerro) started to organize events in 2007. All years since, Zoukdreams has created different new large event concepts surprising and inspiring the Dutch Zouk scene. In 2009 Zoukdreams created CEZATH (Contemporary European Zouk Assembly The Hague), with many Brazilian teachers, including: Renata Pecanha, Jorge Peres, Adilio, Mafie Zouker, Leonardo Neves, Layssa Liebscher, Gilson Damasco, Max BlackSoul, Nyx. Among the most astonishing Brazilian Zouk events of Zoukdreams can be listed: an indoor Wild West village, a Zouk cruise through Amsterdam, a large industrial rooftop venue and a concert by Brazilian singer Paulo Mac in an old church. Organizing occasional large Zouk events cumulated in a series of the YUZE (Your Ultimate Zouk Esthesia) event concept between 2014 and 2017. In 2018 and 2019 the first Zoukdreams weekenders took place and in 2023 the first edition of Castle of Miracles.