Applicable for Zoukdreams events.

Important information for Castle of Miracles

All conditions for buying a ticket, attending the event and other interactions. Please read them all. For general terms & conditions for the use of our website, see the legal page.

Tickets: changes, refunds & transfers

Change policy

Tickets can be changed free of charge within 48 hours of purchase. You can make corrections within that time.

Transfer policy

It’s possible to transfer a ticket to somebody else up to 5 days prior to the event due to administrative reasons. If you’re taking over a ticket as a buyer we encourage to contact us to be sure the ticket is legitimate. The following conditions apply to transfers:

  • the person taking the ticket must take the same dance role;
  • request the transfer via email to Zoukdreams;
  • the transfer is only valid/confirmed after written confirmation from Zoukdreams;
  • a pass is NEVER allowed to be sold for more than the original price where it was bought for;
  • in case of a waiting list Zoukdreams will refund and distribute the vacant spot.
Refund policy and carry-over

All tickets are non-refundable. In limited and exceptional circumstances, Zoukdreams may decide to allow to carry over a ticket to the next event. Requests to carry-over a ticket must be received by Zoukdreams before the start date of the event.

Zoukdreams reserves the right to initiate a refund for a ticket. This may occur when a ticket holder has not booked for accommodation at the venue and Zoukdreams has to deal with the highly unlikely scenario that he/she can not be given a spot in the event due to regulations. If such a refund would be made, the ticket holder will first be given the opportunity to book accommodation at the event venue instead. When ticket holder would deny this offer and choose a refund instead of booking the accommodation, Zoukdreams is neither responsible nor accountable for refunding (travel) costs already made by ticket holder.

Zoukdreams also reserves the right to refund a ticket if the attendee does not meet requirements (dance level), when applicable.

Cancellation policy

In case Zoukdreams is to cancel the event for any reason, we may offer carry-over passes for the next event (which may be next year). Fortunately during more than 15 years of Zoukdreams, not a single event was cancelled. The scenario of cancellation of the whole event is highly unlikely, but it would be possible if Dutch authorities set limitations on events from a public health perspective.



We do our best to manage expectations, the following pro’s and con’s apply to this:

  • at our website we share pictures of the rooms, of course these are just examples of how they might look like.
  • the only way a room of your choice can be confirmed immediately is by booking it and paying via the online system.
  • we do our best to make the sharing of rooms as comfortable as possible, but participants are ultimately in charge of this themselves.
  • the rooms are nice, but do not included hotel service like everyday cleaning or replacement of towels (if you need extra towel(s), please bring yourself).
Refund and change policy

Accommodation packages are (partly) refundable until 5 days before the event starts, except for the transaction fee (for example when paying by credit card).

The refund amount or change fee is depending on the date of notifying Zoukdreams:

  • until January 31, 2024: accommodation is 100% refundable
  • between February 1 and March 1: change/refund fee is €15
  • after March 1 but before the event: change/refund fee is €30

A refund can be requested by contacting Zoukdreams by email.

It is also possible to transfer accommodation to somebody else free of charge. For this you must contact Zoukdreams beforehand by email.

Incidents & damage

In case of any damage being caused to the rooms or interiors, all room occupants are accountable to share the costs in case liability is put to Zoukdreams. Unless somebody takes full responsibility.

Behaviour & Code of Conduct

All participants are required to abide by our Code of Conduct. In case of any violation a person may be asked to leave with no refund if determined, in Zoukdreams’ sole discretion, to not comply with it.

Toxicity policy

At our events we want to create a safe spaces for dancing Zouk. Therefore we strongly advise not to bring or consume any alcohol. You can enjoy dancing and connections without it!

We have a very low tolerance level for being under influence of any substance, including alcohol. Any person who appears to be under influence may be denied access to any activities or spaces. When a Zoukdreams key team member’s judgement requires so, the person is required to leave and go to their room. If not cooperative we may, in the worst case, deny access to (remainder of) the event. In such situation we will not refund (parts of) payments for tickets or accommodation.

Workshops & roles

Zoukdreams aims to balance the follower/leader ratio in workshops and social dancing. Therefore tickets are sold for a dedicated role on the dance floor. During workshops and social dancing participants should choose the role which corresponds to the role selected when their ticket was bought. Especially in situations where the before mentioned ratio is at stake (during workshops), a change in role is not allowed. Therefore a registration should match the role you mainly take during the event. If this rule is violated (on purpose), we consider this as an act of violating the Behaviour & Code of Conduct policies, which may (worst case) result in asking the dancer to leave the event without a refund. NOTE: the conditions about roles do not apply when shifting roles in social dancing. If you are capable of both leading and following, you’re welcome to do so.


By attending a Zoukdreams event you agree that your face or likeness may appear in official Zoukdreams photos or videos. Your image may be used for promotion, marketing, print or digital materials, or in any other medium. You consent to being photographed or videod by Zoukdreams team members while in any event spaces, including the event venue, outdoor areas, possible pre/after party venues and places for other activities around the event dates, whether indoor or outdoor. You do not hold rights to any photograps, videos or any other representation of you produced by the media team of Zoukdreams, or anybody working, volunteering or affiliated to that. You may use the images for personal use, but you must obtain permission from Zoukdreams and the photographer/videographer before commercial use.

If you are identifiable in a photo or video you may send a request by email to remove it to Zoukdreams. The target is to act upon such a request within 48 hours. However Zoukdreams may decide to continue the use of the image in case it has been printed or is part of any other (digital) design. Zoukdreams will only decide this if it’s not feasible to change due to (financial) implications.


Participating is at your own risk. You are at all times responsible for you own belongings. Zoukdreams can never be hold accountable for any sort of damage.

You understand and accept all risks that participating in dancing and other activities will bring to you. You are aware that there are both physical and emotional/mental challenges to participating in the event. Zoukdreams will at all times do what is in their power to address the risks and create support when needed. Participants are invited to address any unforeseen issues with the team members, to create a safer and better environment for everybody. However, by attending the event you agree to never hold Zoukdreams responsible or accountable for anything that happens during the event.