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General event info:

When and where is the Castle of Miracles event?

Zoukdreams Castle of Miracles is from March 29 until April 2, 2024 at the Berckt castle in Baarlo, The Netherlands. See also the Castle of MIracles concept & program. Our planning is:

  • Friday March 29: welcome party at night
  • Saturday March 30: workshops, day party & night party
  • Sunday March 31: workshops, day party & night party
  • Monday April 1: workshops, day party & night party
  • Tuesday April 2: checkout day
When and where is the Monastery event?

Zoukdreams The Monastery is from April 5 until April 7, 2024 at the Inn Essence in Nederweert, The Netherlands. See also The Monastery concept.

Can I join Castle of Miracles with little or no experience in Brazilian Zouk?

No, you need some experience with dancing at (local) socials and at least be able to dance the basics before attending this event. The BZDC has a list of them. At this point we do not offer a beginners path to support learning that. However, depending on the time you still have until the event, you could take (private) classes with a Brazilian Zouk teacher to provide you with a minimum required level of Brazilian Zouk techniques. We may add a beginners class to the program in the future, so please keep in touch with us!

Is Castle of Miracles a ‘normal’ Zouk congress/festival/weekender?

YES, we will offer amazing activities and environments for practicing and learning about Brazilian Zouk techniques. But we also like to create space for questions. Therefore we will have some (optional) parts in the program about discovering and developing in a wider perspective. So, there it may go Zouk off-topic. But it’s totally fine if you only want to participate in things related to Zouk techniques and you will never be forced/pushed to do anything else. There is one exception: we ask everybody to pay attention to our code of conduct.

Travelling & get around:

How do I travel there?

Please see our directions page to read about nearby airports, travel distances and other public transport options. For participants joining both events we will have an option to use a shuttle service.

Is it possible to hire a taxi or bicycle for getting around?

Yes, see the section on the directions page about local taxi companies and bicyle rental in the village.

Booking tickets

What is included in the ticket?

Please visit our page on event prices to learn what is in the ticket(s) and more about the prices.

What are your refund policies?

On our conditions page you can find the policies on refund, change, carry-over and transfer of tickets.

Will I be able to buy a ticket for 1 day or a single party?

Unfortunately not. We are breaking a tradition: this is the first Zoukdreams event where you have to buy a ticket for the whole program. Our two main reasons: the location has some restrictions on this and moreover we decided that it is very satisfactory to stay with all participants together without a much group change.

Reserving accommodation

Where can I stay during Castle of Miracles?

At the event venue we have plenty of space for people to stay in the same building as the dancing takes place. See the accommodations page for pictures. The venue is remotely located and we recommend to book a place to stay there overnight.

What if I don’t want to book accommodation at the venue (Castle of Miracles)?

If you feel like staying somewhere else this is probably also possible, but please note that we only have limited places at the event for people not staying at the castle. Therefore we can at first only guarantee you reservation if you book at the event accommodation. To not make things overcomplicated we decided that everybody can buy a ticket, regardless of the preferred place to stay. However there is a small unlikeliness that in the end a ticket can not be validated without accommodation.

What happens if I book an event ticket offer but don’t want to stay at the venue?

We will assign places in the event first to people staying at the venue. If you’re planning to stay elsewhere, you can buy an event ticket (making use of the early bird price offers) and we will do our best to give you a spot in the event. In the unlikely scenario we can’t, we will reimburse you. This decision will be taken long in advance and at all times you will have the opportunity to still book accommodation in the event, given you already obtained an event ticket. But please note we may not be able to guarantee the room of your choice anymore at that stage.

Where can I stay during The Monastery?

At the cosy Monastery building we have places to stay. People who buy a ticket will receive a link to register for a room by email. Package deals include food. It is also possible to book a room at the venue during the days in between (April 2 – 5).

During the event

What kind of food/meals can I expect (included in accommodation)?

As we are a dedicated team for organizing Brazilian Zouk we chose to hire a chef kitchen externally who will freshly prepare food every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This will make sure we have plenty of quality and quantity for around 300 people. All meals will be deliverd in buffet style, where we try to make most dishes vegan with vegetarian sides & options.

Where can I do shopping?

All you need is provided for! But if you would like to go for some grocery or other critical supplies, the supermarket PLUS Baarlo is 1,8 km walking distance (Google link). We verified that during all days of our Easter weekend in 2024 (incl. Sunday and Monday) they are open from 10:00 until 18:00.

Do you have (free) internet/WiFi

Yes, in our main building at the location we have free WiFi internet. It does not require a password.