Dormitory & bunkroom deal

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NOTE: select room gender MIXED to see all bed types. Please make choices for bed type first, to allow price calculating. The price includes: 4 nights of stay, bed linen & towel (not if you choose to take your own mattress), 3 meals per day, tourist tax, unlimited coffee/tea/water. More details at the bottom.

Important: if you are a couple (female + male) and want to sleep in the same room, please select “mixed” room type for both of you.

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All the deals cover all-inclusive accommodation for your whole stay from Friday March 29 start party until Tuesday April 2 after breakfast. Price is per person. The event ticket is not included in this price and needs to be booked separately.

About the building: although the event takes place on the premises/park of a medieval castle, your room is equiped with modern comfort and has been renovated/built recently. Note that rooms are partly constructed with the use of recycled 2nd hand materials, which make them look artistic, a bit different and all unique.

The overview of room types is on our accommodation page. Booking a multi person room, you will stay with between 4 and 8 people. NOTE: the bunkroom is with 15+ people and mixed genders. You will need to work together with your roommates to discuss which bed or spot to take. In case of bunk beds you will need to decide together who sleeps below and on top. Please speak up for your comfort, but also consider to try something different to help somebody else. If you want to share rooms with specific people please fill in a request (click here for the form).

The food package consists of 3 meals per day, served in buffet style and consisting of nutritious & delicious food. Most main dishes are vegan and some vegetarian options will be offered separately. We have food sourced externally, complemented by efforst of a dedicated chef for our event. Both providing most vegetables from organic local farmers, assuring the best in quality and quantity.

We are able to refund (part) of the accommodation package price in case of cancellation, please see our accommodation paragraph on the refund conditions page. If you want to reserve but are in financial need of a postponed payment, it’s possible to request via this form.

Room gender:

Female, Male, Mixed

Bed type:

Single bed, Bunk bed (top/bottom), Mattress on the floor, Bring your own