Concept & program

Read here what you can expect to experience during Castle of Miracles.

4 beautiful Easter days…

Friday 7th until Tuesday 11th of April 2023

Our vision:

Castle of Miracles is a Brazilian Zouk retreat and marathon. The location is a, specially for this event, all rented-off castle + grounds. All participants join for the whole weekend (4 days), which will make this event into a strong group experience. You can choose from several ticket options, giving you the possibility to join a journey of inspiring workshops (learning retreat) or only dream away in a mesmerizing time dancing (Zouk marathon). NEW: we also have an in-between option: the hybrid pass.

1st part of the program are the day workshops during which we will have plenty of space for about 150 people. It is designed in such a way that everybody will have a great time learning and enjoying the program. Therefore these workshops will be in sequence with everybody together, not parallel / multiple rooms. You don’t need to choose and you can share the whole learning journey with the whole group.

2nd part, the evening workshops, will offer more variety of styles and teachers in multiple rooms. You will be able to follow 2 hours per day, to be picked from a schedule with multiple rooms. The focus will be more on technical Zouk aspects.

3rd, but not the least, are the day socials and night parties (included in all tickets). These make it posible to find yourself in a dreamy Zouk marathon for at least 4 days! For this we have booked some of the top Zouk DJ’s from all over the world.

Day workshops

15 hours (in total) on Saturday, Sunday & Monday

We have amazing teachers to take you on a journey of learning. They will cooperate to make the program a very special combination of insights.

Day socials

14:00 – 22:00 on Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

During afternoon and early evening we will host some cosy socials in a separate room. Perfect to chill out as a break or just in the cycle ‘dance-sleep-dance’.

Evening workshops

6 hours (in total) on Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Some very great technical Zouk teachers will give you super workshops. We selected some different but best-in-class styles which offer you new experiences.

Night parties

22:00 – 03:00+ on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

We will make the night parties into a mesmerizing experience, with some of the best Zouk DJ‘s of the planet. But without extensive shows/competitions.

In between

Spend your free time, take a breathe or recharge….

If you disocver what’s in & around our venue, you would probably not mind if the Zouk was less. Enough space to sit, relax and enjoy nature!


Friday (April 7)Registration & check-in starting at 19:00, night party
Saturday (April 8)Day & night workshops, day social & night party
Sunday (April 9)Day & night workshops, day social & night party
Monday (April 10)Day & night workshops, day social & night party
Tuesday (April 11)Check-out in the morning, afterparty (to be confirmed)
This is a preliminary version of the program which will be subject to changes.

We carefully chose the program. We composed a mix of great dancing and a journey of workshops, but also focus it on full weekend attendances.

Topics & contents

During the workshops and at the event in general the following are key aspects:

  • Zouk techniques
  • Connection (dance & transcendence)
  • Reflections & new insights
  • Intention & consent in dance

Parties will not be interrupted with longs show blocks and we will not organise competitions. We want to let you focus on your own reason to dance.