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We offer various sessions from therapists during the event.

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Practical information:

We have therapists with a great background and who we believe have a credible track record. Zoukdreams is not the agency offering these sessions, you will need to make a booking arragement with the therapist(s) of your choice.

To make things much easier for you, they all have worked together to be in the same online booking tool.
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Eelke Nathan

Eelke has 8 years of experience, working as a massage therapist with expertise in fascia release and trigger point therapy.

As a movement enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and its ability to adapt to new challenges.

I have always had an interest in movement and its effect on the body. From Hockey and Karate as a child all the way up to today where I practice Crossfit and Yoga.

As my knowledge of movement and movement training has grown so has my passion for helping people achieve their goals through the use of movement. My methods are constantly evolving and changing as I learn new ways of moving and using the body.

Every session is different because every person is different, but one thing remains constant: my commitment to helping you achieve your goals!

Stefanie Leysner

Stefanie Leysner specialises in energetic relaxation massages.

“I have a love for bodywork and for the body and this is palpable in my massages.
I am trained in Energetic head and feet massage, TaoTantraMassage, KashmirTantraiMassage, Joint release, psoas release work , Indian head massage, and LomiLomi and have my massage practice in Oegstgeest.”

Offer during the event:
A) 60 min relaxation massage 60,-
B) 90 min. LomiLomi 90,-

Whether you choose the relaxation massage or the LomiLom, all massages are given with all love and attention. I work gently, deeply, energetically, alternating pressure and flow, energy activating and balancing. Opening the energy pathways, flow and integrative touch. All my massages are extremely relaxing, nourishing, healing, balancing and definitely blissful. A moment for you to come back to yourself, to remember how nice it is to be in your body, to relax, sink in and enjoy.Welcome.

Both massages use coconut oil.

  • The relaxation massage has elements of Tao and Lomi, following and balancing the yin and yang energy pathways. Especially the back is massaged, head, back, legs, and attention to the hands and feet. The combination of attentive touch and balancing allows you to enter into meditative relaxation.
  • The LomiLomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage aimed at restoring balance and harmony to the body and mind and feeling. During this session, long, flowing movements are used to release tension and allow energy to flow freely.Both front and back are massaged. This massage feels like landing in your body, cherishing, being brought into flow, coming home, enjoying, a warm bath of love.

Cindy Hoeben

Cindy is a skilled physiotherapist and manual therapist with a lot of experience in her field. She graduated in 2007, after that she continued to develop in many fields of movement, therapy and dance.

She has a passion for coaching and helping people to achieve their full potential, both physically and mentally.

One of Cindy’s greatest passions is dance, particularly zouk.

Cindy offers physio sessions at the event, helping dancers to stay safe and healthy on the dance floor.I have a love for bodywork and for the body and this is palpable in my massages.

Per session of 30 minutes 40 euro

Contact her via Whatsapp for more information and booking: 0684149117

– Enjoy! –